About Me

Meet Erin

I'm a wife, mom (2 beautiful children) and high social studies school teacher. We love to travel and are working on visiting all 63 National Parks (we have done 45 so far). My favorite to this day is Sequoia, in California. Everything to me is a captured moment. With every click, I dive into a world where time slows down, and the chaos fades away. It's therapeutic, a meditation through the lens where I find beauty in the little things- the play of light, the dance of colors, the whispers of nature.

My editing style


Being new to photography, I’ve found myself playing around with various editing styles. From light and airy, dark and moody to brown and tans I was struggling to find my favorite style. I stumbled upon the @boldemotionalcolorful Instagram page the one day and fell in love. Since then, I’ve been taking their online courses, reading up on that editing style and practicing. I now know why I love that style! I have always loved art- especially watercolors. I have a favorite watercolor painter, Jody Ziehm. I started taking watercolor classes from her when I was in high school. Her artwork always spoke to me in a way other art hasn’t. I’ve been lucky enough to purchase a few of her paintings that when I look at in my house every day, make me smile. The one day she asked me to photograph her garden. As I was editing her photos, I started thinking, what is it that I love about her paintings so much. I realized- they are bold. They are emotional. They are colorful. All that I want my photos to be. That's when I found my style.

(I’m also so excited to say that after a 15 year hiatus (due to kids) I returned to watercolor classes with Jody this fall!!! And my daughter has joined me- just like I did with my mom when I was in high school.

Look below at some of her gorgeous work that has inspired my editing style and colors :)

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