Newborns are so tiny and fragile in those first few days after birth. With the sleepless nights and whirlwind of emotions, that teeny-tiny phase seems to pass by in the blink of an eye. A newborn portrait session is the perfect way to capture your tiny miracle as beautiful works of art to be cherished forever. I offer both in home lifestyle sessions and Fresh 48 at the hospital.

Fresh 48

A fresh 48 session will take place while you and your baby are still at your birthing facility. It usually happens within the first 48 hours after your baby’s birth. Most will choose to have their session the next day or even the morning they are discharged. This will give mom and baby plenty of time to rest up and get photo ready. These are my favorite sessions because they allow me to capture and preserve those first few days of your newborn baby's life.

A fresh 48 is capturing all of their firsts or even your firsts as a new parent. You might capture siblings meet each other for the first time, the first bath (if timed right), the first smiles, first yawns, the first feeding with dad, dad’s first diaper changes, etc. I also capture little details like baby feet, hands, tiny finger nails, belly buttons, baby snuggled up in the hospital bassinet, snuggles with mom and dad, or going home from the hospital.

Home Sweet Home

Capturing your newborn session at home is wonderful for many reasons. Many families would like to include their cute puppies or other pets in the family photos, showcase baby’s nursery design, and incorporate meaningful settings in the home and yard. Newborn portraits are best captured in the first 7-14 days.

A few tips to have the most successful session:

  • If you want your little one sacked out during the photo session, so you can get those adorable sleepy newborn poses, keep them up for a while before I arrive. Making sure you keep your baby awake prior to a session is a great way to guarantee they will sleep through most of it, allowing us to get those adorable sleepy newborn poses.
  • Feed your baby 20-30 minutes before the session. Slightly before your session, you can feed them a full meal and expect a happy, tired baby in return.
  • I have a variety of props, but please let me know if there is something particular you would like to include.

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Fresh 48 & Lifestyle Newborn

Capturing all the features of your newborn.
90 minutes
30 edited images